Changes to the Criminal Record Bureau System

Two major changes have been implemented in September by the CRB:

  • Checking Process changes started on the 1st September 2012, with new lists of acceptable ID documents and new guidance on CRB checks being brought into force. The CRB say these changes are to help improve public protection of vulnerable adults and children. The strengthening of the ID checking process should mean a decrease in individuals being able to conceal criminal records by hiding name changes.
  • Disclosure and barring scheme changes came into effect on 10th September 2012. These include a scaling back on which positions now require and qualify for a CRB check.  These changes include: a new definition of regulated activity, which has been changed to focus on work involving close and unsupervised contact with vulnerable groups including children;  the removal of  the term and category of controlled activity, thereby unless a person has a role involving a regulated activity they will no longer be eligible for a CRB check; a new minimum age (16) at which someone can apply for a CRB check; and  more rigorous ‘relevancy’ test for when the police release information held locally on an enhanced CRB check.  Full details on the changes to the Disclosure and Barring scheme are available here