3 things you need to know about CRB checks

1. Who needs a CRB check?

The Criminal Records Bureau advises that CRB checks are conducted on all staff and volunteers involved with an organisation that have direct access to, or work directly with, children and young people. It is also important to remember that is you have a problem in your organisation and the relevant people within it have not been adequately checked, your organisation could be held legally liable.

2. How long does a CRB check take?

The Criminal Records Bureau aim to process 90% of Standard Disclosures within 10 days and 90% of Enhanced Disclosures within 4 weeks. However the time taken is dependent on whether the forms are properly checked and verified by the umbrella organisation you use.
A Standard CRB is only available for those who work in the financial and security sectors or are administrators for health organisations, such as receptionists.
An Enhanced CRB is required for people involved in the regular care, training or supervision of children and young people. Enhanced checks show current and “spent” convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer.

3. How long does a CRB last?

CRB checks are only accurate up to the date of the check. Consequently it is good practice to carry out CRB checks on returning staff and volunteers who may have taken a break for 3 months or more.

For those working consistently with children and young people it is good practice to carry out a CRB check every 3 years. However this is an organisational decision that should derive from your annual risk assessment.