Which roles require child protection training?

Does your role require you to complete child protection training?

The Government document Working Together 2010 outlines the statutory requirements of individuals and organisations to undertake child protection training.

The document states that all Those in regular contact or have a period of intense but irregular contact, with children, young people and/or parents/carers including all health clinical staff require training which includes:

  • What is child abuse and neglect?
  • Signs and indicators of abuse and neglect.
  • Normal child development.
  • Maintaining a child focus.
  • What to do in response to concerns.
  • Documentation and sharing of information regarding concerns.
  • Safeguarding roles and responsibilities.

All ChildProtectionCompany.com child protection training courses are written by safeguarding experts to meet the statutory requirements of Working Together 2010.  For full details of the training available please click here.