Top 10 safeguarding questions for GP’s, Dentists and Health Providers

If you work in a health setting how can you be sure that all the necessary safeguarding requirements are being fulfilled?

Assured Safeguarding GP & Health Leader Edition – 2012, a booklet produced in the East Midlands, by safeguarding leads group and the Strategic Health Authority, poses questions to help leaders to reflect on how they know whether their management procedures assure them that children are being kept safe.

Questions for GP’s and Health Providers include:

  1. How do I give clear leadership in assessing and managing the risks to individual children?
  2. Do I know that all staff have received the appropriate level of training?
  3. How do I ensure that all safeguarding checks on employees have been carried out?
  4. Do commissioners have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of children to ensure their safeguarding needs are met?
  5. What processes do I have in place for the early identification of vulnerable children and young people?
  6. How do I ensure that health and social care agencies jointly and effectively assess the safeguarding risks?
  7. Do we have a good working relationship with social care services and know how to refer a child protection issue?
  8. What do I do to help staff understand that safeguarding is our core business?
  9. Do I regularly and rigorously review our safeguarding practice?
  10. What do I need to do to make sure that all staff know what they are accountable for? provides a wealth of resources for health providers, to assist in ensuring safeguarding responsibilities are fulfilled.  These resources include:

With dedicated Dental versions of the online training courses training is CQC compliant, recognised by the British Dental Association and approved for 3 hours of CPD.