Three ways online training can trump face to face

We often get asked about the benefits of taking online courses as opposed to face to face. Here’s a few of the reasons we think online can trump face to face training:

  • Online training is flexible – all you need is access to a screen and the internet. This means that you can sit and do a course with your feet up, cuppa in hand and wearing your pjs. You’d get a lot of funny looks if you did this in the middle of a face to face session!
  • Our courses can be stopped and restarted, so if the phone rings or you need to take a break you can. Obviously, you can’t press pause on a face to face trainer whilst you pop to the loo or take a call.
  • Online training is WAY cheaper. When you factor in the cost of travel and parking, your course fee suddenly starts looking very pricey indeed. Online course with us start from as little as £14 (excl. VAT)*

*Price based on purchase on 100+ courses