Possible child protection issue – What would you do?

Over recent years, quite a few celebrities have been involved in allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards children. Indeed, some of these cases have led to prison sentences being handed down.

One of the facts coming out of these cases is that the child involved is not believed when they make any allegation and the adult involved is left to continue his/her behaviour. Some celebrities are ‘known’ within certain circles to be carrying out inappropriate relations with under age children but those who know or suspect, do nothing. It is as though the celebrity is beyond reproach.

It would also seem that in many cases, the adult involved is often better protected than those accusing them of wrong-doing. In some cases, the accuser finds themselves the focus of an investigation into their own behaviour rather than that of the person/people they are accusing. This is failing those children who we should be protecting.

If you would like to know more about child protection and what to do if you think a child is at risk, please have a look at our child protection training courses.