Online safeguarding training – remains accessible for two years!

A fantastic feature of our online training courses, which we believe differentiate our courses, is that all customers who take our child protection courses can access all the course content, downloads and links at any time until their certificate expires.  This means that at any time you can refresh your knowledge, or check back on information, by just logging back into your account and looking back at the course in full.

So unlike a workshop where you might have a two page handout, a few brief notes, or a copy of the power-point (6 slides to a page you can hardly read!) with our online course you have everything in the exact same format and detail.  Going back into a completd course you can jump back and forwards from module to module, using the menu bar, so no need to go through the whole course page by page you can quickly jump to the section you want to refer back to – brilliant!

I thought it was very useful to have the full range of documents immediately available for reference. MM, National Foundation for Educational Research

All of the information was well presented, but the sheer amount of information available does seem daunting. It is good, however, to know that I am able to access the relevant information when required. LS, Stephenson Academy