Online or face-to-face child protection training?

We often get asked, which is better online or face-to-face child protection training?  Well, it depends on your circumstances really. Face-to-face training allows the topic to be explored in more depth but has the downside that you must attend the course at a specific place and time.  The extra time involved and travelling costs can often be a major problem. As a general rule, face-to-face training courses also tend to be more expensive on a per person, per course basis.

Online child protection training courses are a more cost-effective delivery method for learners who find it difficult to attend face-to-face training programmes.  They often come with online management tools so you can track the status of everyone’s training and maintain a central training record.  This is great when you get an unexpected inspection from Ofsted for example!

At the we get round the problem by offering both training types. But that’s because we always put the needs of the user first.