Online child protection training courses shows truer competency

When considering whether you want your practice to complete their child protection training as a face-to-face or online course, you should consider one important factor – having completed a face-to-face training course, each attendee will receive a Certificate of Attendance to that course. This certificate does not reflect any level of competency or understanding of the course content – only that the person was present on the day.

However, the online child protection training courses are completed by the individual and the course content allows for that individual to make decisions and answer specific questions taken from a large bank of questions/scenarios following guidance. The answers to their questions will give them an individual mark at the end of the course and they will not have passed the course until they attain a score of 70% or more. Retakes of the course can be done as many times as necessary and the questions/scenarios they meet during the course will change.

So, only once an employee has attained a sufficiently high level of understanding of child protection matters will they have passed the course.