Online training – Can it save you money?

Of course it can. By choosing the option of online training, you wouldn’t have to pay out for a suitably qualified trainer, a room in which to carry out the training, refreshments/lunch for your trainer and attendees – the list goes on.

Online courses at the are available at all levels for child protection and vulnerable adult training as well as our new e-Safety training.

All your employees can be uploaded onto the system and they can then carry out the training at their own pace and in their own working time, depending on their work load. If they don’t have time to complete the whole course in one go, and it only takes about an hour – they can come back to the point they left, at a more convenient time.

Overall, your employees are happier that they have fulfilled the obligations to take the training without having to spend half a day sitting in a classroom and you will be able to rest assured that all your staff are suitably trained and knowledgeable in a very important issue, without having cost you the earth!