Need safeguarding training but short of time?

As a busy dentist, finding the time and money to ensure all your staff attend regular safeguarding training can be tricky. A cost effective solution is to switch to online training.

‘I wish I had found this site before spending many hours at courses for child and vulnerable adult protection.’ Callum Barr, Linden Cottage Dental Practice

We often get asked about the benefits of taking online courses as opposed to face to face training. Here’s a few of the reasons why online training might be the perfect solution for your practice:

  • Online training is flexible – all you need is access to a screen and the internet. This means that training can fit round your work schedule or even be completed at home
  • Our courses can be stopped and restarted; if a patient arrives or the phone rings you can take a break and then return to where you left off
  • Online training is considerably less expensive than face to face. When you factor in the cost of travel and parking, your face to face course fee suddenly starts looking very pricey indeed. In contrast, online course with us start from as little as £16.80 (incl. VAT)


‘The gave outstanding, efficient service before, during and after our training. The perfect training solution for the modern dental practice.’ Gemma Cockburn, SpaDental Shropshire


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