It’s nearly midday – Ofsted are calling!

If Ofsted were to call your school right now, could you honestly say that all staff have received up to date safeguarding training? Most schools provide a rigorous child protection training sessions or sessions in September, but what about staff that start later in the year?

Ofsted expect to see that all staff have received child protection training, irrespective of when they started working for you. Organising more training sessions can be time consuming and very costly if you bring in an external trainer. Plus, could you realistically set something up in readiness for an Ofsted inspection starting in the next 24 hours? To be honest, the answer is probably no…


Well, not if you call us! Our online training courses take just an hour to complete and what’s even better, you can set up your staff accounts in just a few minutes. Training is instantaneously made ready and only requires access to a screen and the internet. This means that your staff can complete their training in readiness for an impending inspection.

Visit our website to see the range of our training or call us today on 01327 223283 for a tailor-made quote.