Introduction to Child Protection Training

The Introduction to Child Protection training courses from the are suitable for anyone who comes into contact with children as part of their work or voluntary activities.  The courses are in-line with the latest government guidance and have been recently updated to include Working Together 2013.

The Introduction to Child Protection course consists of seven modules followed by a final assessment:

  • Module One – Pre-course Assessment  to help you assess your current level of knowledge.
  • Module Two – Overview to provide a brief outline of the context of child protection
  • Module Three – Legislation and Guidance helps you to be aware of the current legislation and why it is needed.
  • Module Four – What is Child Abuse and Neglect? explains the definitions of abuse and neglect as specified in Working Together 2013
  • Module Five – Signs and Indicators of Abuse and Neglect – This module details the signs and indicators of the different types of abuse you should look for.
  • Module Six – Maintaining a Child Focus A child centred approach is vital and this module reinforces that the safety and welfare of the child is paramount and should always be the focus.
  • Module Seven – Responding to Concerns to help you to understand the correct procedures to follow in response to concerns of child abuse or neglect and/or concerns about the behaviour of an adult.
  • Module Eight – Assessment on successful completion of this assessment you will gain a personalised certificate.

The course is available in specific versions for dentists, schools, and sports personnel along with a general version which is suitable for all.  For further information click