Face to face or online training – which is best?

We often get asked whether online training is better than face to face. There is no simple answer –  it really depends upon your circumstances.

Face to face training enables you to explore the topic in a small group and to have conversations with other students. The downside of face to face training is that it requires you to attend a course in a certain place at a certain time. The course and associated travel expenses can work out as quite costly.

In contrast, online training is far more flexible. You can stop and restart our courses in order to fit around your busy schedule. Our courses are just as detailed as the face to face versions and offer you the opportunity to revisit and re-read course notes, which are kept regularly updated.

Online child protection training courses are a more cost-effective delivery method for learners who find it difficult to attend face-to-face training programmes.  Our courses come with online management tools so you can track the status of everyone’s training and maintain a central training record.  This is great if you get an unexpected inspection from Ofsted!

At the ChildProtectionCompany.com we offer both online and face to face courses. Call us today on 01327 223283 or drop us a line on help@childprotectioncompany.com for a quote.