Face-to-face or online child protection training?

Which is better – online or face-to-face training?

Face-to-face training can sometimes become a logistical nightmare if you are having to bring together all members of your practice in one place, at one time, especially when some staff may be part-time and have to come in on their day off.  Also, how do you cover the work of the practice when you’re actually supposed to be attending training? Not easy and sometimes quite expensive once you take into consideration the costs of possibly hiring a room in which to take the training, the training/travel costs and possible overtime costs of employees who have had to come in on their day off.

Through experience, the ChildProtectionCompany.com has found that it is more often than not easier and more economical for a practice to take online training. This allows for each member of your organisation to complete the training at their own pace and at a time suitable for them. They can stop and start the training as they go and so fit it in with their work load.