Equestrian – Child Protection Training

If you volunteer for a riding stable, riding club, pony club or any other equestrian setting you will be expected to have some child protection knowledge in order to assist the stables or club to fulfill their child protection responsibilities. We provide an on-line training course written in association with the
British Equestrian Federation designed specifically for equestrian volunteers.

This online course consists of seven modules:

  • Pre-Coures assessment – test your knowledge.
  • Overview – learn about the importance of child protection.
  • Legislation and guidance – the law and guidance which applies to equestrian volunteers. The module outlines your safeguarding responsibilities.
  • What is Child Abuse – the definitions of the different types of abuse.
  • Signs and indicators of abuse – how to recognise some of the signs of abuse.
  • Maintaining a Child Focus – why it is important to be child centred when considering a child’s safety and welfare.
  • Responding to Concerns – the correct action to take it you have concerns about a child.

The course uses equestrian specific examples, scenarios and questions throughout and includes links to relevant documents and websites to make the learning relevant and specific to you.

For further details or to purchase this child protection course click here.