Does your organisation have a designated professional?

Working Together 2013 states that all organisations are required to have a Designated Professional for safeguarding (or, for health provider organisations, a named professional) as part of their safeguarding provisions.

The Designated Professional role is described as:

Their role is to support other professionals in their agencies to recognise the needs of children, including rescue from possible abuse or neglect. Designated professional roles should always be explicitly defined in job descriptions. Professionals should be given sufficient time, funding, supervision and support to fulfil their child welfare and safeguarding responsibilities effectively.

The has a Further Child Protection training course designed to provide more in-depth child protection knowledge.  This course has a module on the role of the Designated Professional which includes information on:

  • Being a central contact point in the organisation for safeguarding children 
  • Seeking support and advice from other key professionals and agencies
  • Completing an organisational safeguarding health check
  • Ensuring that the organisation takes steps to operate safe and robust recruitment processes
  • Informing workers of the necessity to undertake basic level learning/training about safeguarding
  • Undertaking to update their knowledge of safeguarding every two years as a minimum
  • Promoting good practice in recording and reporting concerns
  • Offering  support to staff involved in safeguarding and child protection
  • Making representation on behalf of the organisation
  • Ensuring the organisation has promoting welfare and safeguarding related policies and procedures that are fit for purpose and up to date

For further information click this link for details of the Further Child Protection training course.