Dentists – child protection training designed for you!

We offer two online child protection training courses written specifically for dentists and dental staff – an Introductory course and a Further course. Both courses have dental specific references, questions and scenarios to make the learning relevant to the dental practice environment.

If you also work with adults at risk then our combined Introduction to Adult/Child protection and Further Adult/Child protection are for you.  Again both these combined courses have a specific dental version and have the added benefit of being a two-in-one course – no need to do two separate adult and child safeguarding training courses.

All our safeguarding courses for dentists have been approved as meeting the educational criteria required for verifiable Continuing Professional Development under the General Dental Council Lifelong Learning scheme and each represents 3 hours of verifiable CPD.  By entering your GCD number at the start of the assessment this will be included on your personalised training certificate.

All our courses are in-line with the latest government guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children 2013 and fulfil the core safeguarding knowledge outcomes as specified by CQC.  All these courses have useful downloads and references which remain accessible to you, along with the entire course content, for the two year duration of your training certificate.

“I wish I had found this site before spending many hours at courses for child and vulnerable adult protection.”

Callum Barr, Linden Cottage Dental Practice.

“I really appreciate a well-designed easy-to -use course. Have previously done an on-line training course and I took so long to pass the assessment as it was much to difficult. At least your assessment checked knowledge without leading to despair! Well done.  I am an NHS dentist so have to have child protection certificates now for the CQC requirements. “

Nina Robinson, NHS Dentist