Customer Feedback on our Safeguarding courses

At the, we pride ourselves in the quality of our online child protection training courses.  We take the feedback from our users very seriously and are constantly making course improvements where we can.  We very pleased to be able say that over 99.3% of people who have provided feedback on our courses would recommend them to others.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received recently on just two of our online safeguarding courses:

e-Safety for Parents course

“An excellent, straight forward course, invaluable for all parents with young children who have access to the internet.”

“This was extremely good, we did the course as a family and it benefited us all and got us talking about subjects like sexting, which kids usually want to avoid talking about with their parents. ”

Introduction to Adult/Child Protection course

“I found it really good to be able to follow the links to relevant legislation and procedure guidelines.
The course was easy to follow and I found all aspects very interesting. Will highly recommend.”

“I have worked for the NHS for many years and have also worked in social services in the past. This course has been valuable as it has also pointed out new things that I need to be aware of that one doesn’t always realise, even with experience in the above sectors. ”