Combined Child Protection and Adult Safeguarding courses

If you work with both children and adults at risk then the combined safeguarding courses from the are for you.

The combined child protection/adult safeguarding training courses have been specifically designed for people who need to be trained in both child protection and adult safeguarding. By combining, what has traditionally been, two separate courses into one this saves our customers both time and money. The safeguarding principles that are shared across both child and adult protection and reinforced without the need to duplicate. The specific areas of both child and adult protection are fully covered and these include:  legislation, guidance, types of abuse, reporting, confidentiality and consent.

Two levels of course are available: 

Introduction to adult/child protection -for anyone who comes into contact with children and adults at risk. It covers child and adult safeguarding legislation and guidance, the different types of abuse, how to recognise abuse and neglect, and reporting concerns.

Leading on adult/child protection –  specifically developed for the nominated safeguarding lead and deputy within an organisation, and for anyone wishing to cover the topic in more depth. It covers child and adult safeguarding policies and procedures, identifying concerns, handling allegations and complaints and making referrals