Choose the online option for child protection training

If you are already pressed for time, arranging and fitting in safeguarding training can be difficult. At the, we can offer an easy solution to this problem.

All our online courses can be stopped and restarted and only require access to a screen and the internet! No need to get a trainer in, no need to schedule training sessions when time is already at a premium. You can also rest assured that ALL staff will receive the same high level training AND you’ll be happy to know that you can evidence all of this to Ofsted with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Our learning management system has been built to solve the problem of maintaining central records for all child protection training and ensuring that everyone’s training is current and up to date. If Ofsted want to inspect your records, simply use our website to display a full record of staff training certificates. When training needs to be refreshed, we’ll also remind you too!

Call us on 01327 223283 or drop us a line on to discuss your training needs.