Child protection – who’s at risk?

Child abuse takes place in all walks of life and all children need protecting.  However if has been identified that some groups of children are more vulnerable to abuse or neglect than other children, due to communication issues and difficulties avoiding or moving away from an abusive situation. These groups of children are:

  • Children under 5 years
  • Disabled children
  • Children living away from home
  • Homeless teenagers

There are also myths surrounding child abuse and which children are more vulnerable  Prejudiced myths include:

  • Girls are more likely to be abused than boys Statistics across England, Wales and NI show that boys and girls are equally vulnerable to abuse.
  • Children in single parent families are more likely to be neglected This is a negative stereotype. Child abuse is just as likely where there are two parents.
  • Children of same sex parents are likely to be subjected to sexual abuse Children of same sex parents are more likely to be the subject of bullying because of prejudiced views about homosexuality. They are no more or less likely to be abused than children in a heterosexual household.

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