Child Protection Training for Schools

The latest Ofsted safeguarding briefing for schools Inspecting Safeguarding Briefing (April 2013) provides guidance on child protection arrangements within schools, including the importance of training:

 “the importance for all staff in an establishment of having appropriate training and induction so that they understand their roles and responsibilities and are confident about carrying them out”.

The Ofsted briefing also outlines the principal elements of training for designated members of staff, who take the lead on safeguarding within a school, and these include training on :

  • the  identification of the signs and symptoms of abuse
  • relevant legislation and guidance
  • national and locally agreed procedures
  • managing disclosures
  • confidentiality, recording and keeping safe records: transfer of information
  • how local statutory services are configured and referral processes
  • the Common Assessment Framework and other statutory processes

The’s Further Child Protection course covers these principal elements of training for designated members of staff  and aims to assist designated professionals in the knowledge required for their roles. The course comprises of eight modules and a final assessment and has been recently updated, in line with Ofsted’s guidance, to includes information on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and policy writing.

For further information on Child Protection Training for schools click here.