Child Protection Training for Childminders

We have recently updated our child protection training course written specifically for childminders and their assistants to ensure it keeps right up to date with the latest guidance.  This on-line course has the latest information and guidance from Working Together 2013 and also incorporates the safeguarding outcomes as specified by Ofsted in their Inspecting Safeguarding Briefing for schools.

The course also fulfils the safeguarding outcomes of other  recent documents, which are applicable to Childminders,  including Ofsted’s Conducting Childcare Register inspections (March 2013) which gives direction to Ofsted inspectors and states:

The procedures for safeguarding children – check that:

  • those caring for children know how to recognise and respond to signs of abuse, and what to do when they have concerns about a child
  • providers know of their duty to liaise with local authority statutory children’s services agencies when there are concerns about possible harm or abuse and know how to do so.

And the newly released Requirements for the Childcare Register Ofsted fact sheet which specifies: “The registered person must keep and implement a written statement of procedures to be followed for the protection of children, intended to safeguard the children being cared for from abuse or neglect.”

The Child Protection for Childminders course consists of ten modules and includes:

  • abuse and identifying concerns
  • legislation and guidance
  • child protection policies and procedures
  • communication and confidentiality
  • working with other agencies
  • handling allegations and complaints
  • how and when to make referrals

Incorporated throughout the course is information, case studies and questions specifically relevant to those working in childminding. At the end of the course there are useful downloads, references and sample childminding policies, all of which, along with the course content, remain accessible for the two year duration of the course certificate.

For further details of this training course click here.