Child Protection Training – added extras

Not only do you get the latest guidance and best practise information when you take one of our online child protection courses you also get: the ability to stop and start the course whenever you like, the choice to take the course at at time that suits you, a personalised certificate and access to the course content and downloads until your certificate expires.

As well as these features, which all our customers really appreciate, organisation who purchase our training courses can benefit greatly from our learning management platform too.  For organisation’s with more than a few people, it’s important that they can make sure that the training process is successfully coordinated.  Here are a few things the learning management system provides:

  • A report on who has passed the training.
  • A report on who is yet to take the training.
  • Reminders to tell you when members of your organisation need to refresh their training.
  • Access to all of the training certificates in one place
  • The ability to easily add  members of your organisation to the system so that they can access the training