Violence against women & girls – Government Action Plan

Violence against women is a despicable crime which has absolutely no place in our society. But for too long, too many women and girls have suffered domestic abuse, rape, sexual assault and crimes such as stalking. In 2012/13, 76 women lost their lives to a partner or ex-partner. that is the lowest number since 1998/99, but it is still too many. 

New technology and social media continues to be misused to exploit and target the vulnerable. Bullying, stalking, harassment, and threatening behaviour which occurs online is just as unacceptable as when it occurs offline. I am absolutely clear that these are crimes, and will be treated as such.

Education must also play a role in discouraging violent and abusive behaviour. Our This is Abuse campaign has been successfully helping to educate young people about damaging behaviours within relationships.

The above are extracts from the Home Secretaries forward to the Governments A Call to End Violence against Women and Girls: Action Plan 2014

The underlying principles of the strategy which, commenced in 2010, are – prevention, provision of services, partnership working, justice outcomes and risk reduction.  The new document sets out the progress made to date and the Action plan for the next 12 months.