Updated Ofsted documents – childminding and childcare

The latest Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook: childminding and childcare was published on 20 Dec 2013.

The Handbook consists of a series of documents which set out the legal background to Ofsted’s compliance and enforcement work and the extent of their powers in regulation of early years and childcare providers.

There is information on how Ofsted respond to concerns, carry out investigations and details about when they issue suspensions and cancellations of registrations along with the appeal processes available to providers.

The documents are quite lengthy to read but I came across  useful annex in the Responding to information and notification of events.doc which lists the events childminders and childcare providers must notify Ofsted about. These include:

  • Allegations of serious harm or abuse by any person living, working, or looking after children at the premises.
  • Serious accident, illness or injury to, or death of, any child while in their care.
  • Food poisoning affecting two or more children cared for on the premises.
  • Change to the name, address or registered number of the company or charity, committee, partnership, unincorporated body or agency providing the care
  • Any proposal to change the hours during which childcare is provided; or where the provision will include overnight care

For information on safeguarding training for Childminders, to assist with compliance to Ofsted’s requirements, click here.