The role of School staff and safeguarding

The role of school and college staff

  • The Teacher Standards 2012 state that teachers, including headteachers, should safeguard children’s wellbeing and maintain public trust in the teaching profession as part of their professional duties.
  • All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn.
  •  All school and college staff have a responsibility to identify children who may be in need of extra help or who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm. All staff then have a responsibility to take appropriate action, working with other services as needed.
  •  In addition to working with the designated safeguarding lead staff members should be aware that they may be asked to support social workers to take decisions about individual children.

What school and college staff need to know

  • All staff members should be aware of systems within their school or college which support safeguarding and these should be explained to them as part of staff induction.
  • This includes: the school’s or college’s child protection policy; the school’s or college’s staff behaviour policy (sometimes called a code of conduct); and the designated safeguarding lead.
  • All staff members should also receive appropriate child protection training which is regularly updated.

The above is an extract from the new statutory guidance Keeping children safe in education, 2014