Recognising Emotional Neglect in Pre-school Children.

The NSPCC have published a new leaflet Emotional neglect and emotional abuse in pre-school children which looks at the latest research into this type of abuse.  The information leaflet provides definitions, behaviours to look out for (in both the mother and the child) and details of action to take when concerns arise.  The extract below provides examples of emotional neglect and emotional abuse.

Examples of emotional neglect include:

  •  ignoring the child’s need to interact
  •  failing to express positive feelings to the child, showing no emotion in interactions with the child
  •  denying the child opportunities for interacting and communicating with peers or adults.

Examples of emotional abuse include:

  • persistently telling a child they are worthless or unloved
  • bullying a child or frequently making them frightened
  • persistently ridiculing, making fun of or criticising a child.

The leaflet is aimed at all professionals working with preschool children including health visitor, childminders and pre-school staff.