FGM – recognising the risks

The government have recently launched an awareness and prevention campaign about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).  Indicators which might suggest a girl or woman is at risk include:

  • She has a parent from a practising community
  • She and her family have a low level of integration into a community
  • The mother or any sisters have experienced FGM
  • She is withdrawn from PSHE
  • She has talked about, or you know about, the arrival of a female family elder
  • She talks about it to other children
  • She refers to a ‘special procedure’ or ‘special occasion’ or ‘become a woman’
  • She is out of the country for a prolonged period
  • She is taking a long holiday to her country of origin or another country where the practice is prevalent (parents may talk about it too)

Further information is available in the Multi-Agency Practice guidelines