Working Together to Safeguard Children 2012

Following closure last month of the consultation on the Working Together to Safeguard Children document, it’s been announced that the new document will be significantly reduced in order to reduce bureaucracy for all agencies involved.

The document is effectively the protocol manual used by all agencies for child protection and safeguarding procedures. The 2010 version was developed and refined over a number of years following much research, review and inquiry.

One change, which the Department for Education is looking to make, is the ability for local areas to produce their own procedures in future, rather than follow the strict national guidelines.

Other possible changes are: no specific definition of “safeguarding” or “child protection” or indeed any instruction as to how anyone who works with children has to be trained to identify and report any concerns that they may have regarding a child’s well-being or safety. Is this a sensible route to follow I wonder?¬†More news will follow shortly on the subject.