Ofsted focus on safeguarding for Early Years

One of the main focuses of the new Ofsted Framework for early year providers is child protection.  The new framework comes into force on the 4th November 2013 and applies to nurseries and childminders who are registered as early years providers. In order for providers to gain an outstanding grade from Ofsted some of the outcomes inspectors will be looking for include:

  • Children’s safety and safeguarding is central to everything all practitioners do. They effectively support children’s growing understanding of how to keep themselves safe and healthy.
  • The provider has an excellent understanding of their responsibility to ensure that the provision meets the safeguarding and welfare, and learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and has effective systems to monitor their implementation. The provider makes the most of learning relating to safeguarding and child protection to improve practice

And some of the evidence required includes:

The extent and range of completed training, including child protection and safeguarding training which fully meets statutory requirements, and the impact of that training in improving children’s well-being.

(Source: Ofsted Evaluation schedule for inspections of registered early years provision)

For information on an easy to use, online Child Protection training course designed specifically for Childminders click here