Doncaster Council – Two reports published today

Doncaster Council has in recent years been involved in a number of cases which have highlighted huge failings within the social services department.

The most high profile of these was where two brothers who had been known to social services for most of their lives were responsible for a shocking child protection case involving two younger children – known as the Edlington case.

Following that case and a number of other child protection issues within Doncaster Council, a “turnaround team” was sent in to carry out an inspection and oversee the work being carried out within the department.

Today, a report by Lord Carlile QC has been published, along with a report from Ofsted after their unannounced inspection back in August this year.

Lord Carlile’s report summarises more than 100 important events which affected the two brothers involved at Edlington where the authorities should have intervened but “failed to do co-ordinate any realistic attempt to address the problems caused by, and of course faced by” the boys.

Lord Carlile has recommended a radical look at the way interventions are assessed and dealt with in order to “uphold a key principle in the Children Act that a child’s best place is with the natural parents wherever possible” – a theory which is now being questioned.