Child protection – Policies and Procedures

Are you looking for a proforma set of child protection policies and procedures?  Do you need help with your child protection strategy?  Do you want the reassurance of knowing you can ask questions to a child protection expert at any point?  If so, we can help.

Our child protection support package is designed to provide you with everything you need so that you can quickly and efficiently setup and maintain your child safeguarding policies and procedures. It also provides you with an expert review of your child protection practices and the ability to gain accreditation status. The benefits of the package include:

  • A full range of proforma child protection policies and procedures that can very quickly be deployed in your organisation.
  • Updates to policies and procedures as child protection legislation changes.
  • Guidance from our team of child protection experts for any queries you may have with your policies and procedures.
  • Access to our child protection experts for any general support queries you may have.
  • Expert support and consultancy on any CRB or recruitment matter that may arise.
  • A comprehensive accreditation checklist which can be used to verify your policies, procedures and practices.
  • A review of your accreditation checklist by a child protection expert.
    Once you meet the necessary standard you will be given accreditation status and supplied with an accreditation logo.