Trainee teachers given less than a day’s worth of safeguarding training

A freedom of information request issued by the NSPCC has discovered that primary and secondary trainee teachers typically receive less than a day’s worth of safeguarding training over the course of the year. Meanwhile, students on three- to four-year undergraduate teacher training courses receive an average of 10.5 hours of safeguarding training, with postgraduate trainees receiving even less than this.

One teacher expressed that she did not realise Duty of Care was part of her role, while another stated there had been no examples of best practice in her training that she was able to refer back to when she encountered a safeguarding incident during her first year of teaching.

The head of NSPCC’s safeguarding in communities, Chris Cloke, said: “Teachers are in a critical position, in having contact with the majority of children and young people. And therefore they carry a very heavy responsibility. A safeguarding case could present itself in their very first week, when they’re new to school and facing other pressures as well. If they respond in an insensitive way, it could put children off talking. Children may clam up. There’s certainly the risk of making the situation worse.”

Here at, we offer a range of online safeguarding training courses, many of which are written specifically to suit the needs of the education sector. Our popular Safeguarding in Education course is effectively four courses in one, covering common issues such as child sexual exploitation, as well as your Prevent duty, how to spot and report concerns, and online safety.

While the course itself takes just 1.5-2 hours to complete, there is always the option to go back through the course material and make use of our handy downloadable resources, which offer a wider perspective on the issues covered within the course. Teachers feel empowered with the easy to use system and the up-to-date, relevant content included.

While it’s all too easy to forget to make notes in a face-to-face training session, our flexible online learning style offers you the freedom to access important information whenever you need it, so you’ll never have to do an on-the-spot Google search for the right document again! And, perhaps even better, is the ability to stop and start the course to fit in with your schedule.

All training undertaken with can be evidenced with a certificate, which you will receive upon successful completion of any of our courses. These are particularly handy to have on file for Ofsted or ISI inspections – but, if you don’t have access to a printer, that’s no problem. Our 24/7 online management system means you hold detailed access to your organisation’s training records any time, at the touch of a button!

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