Social workers struggling to stop child neglect

Research by Action for Children (in partnership with the University of Stirling), which was based on interviews with more than 4,000 people including social care professionals, local authorities and the public, has highlighted that more than half of social workers feel powerless to intervene in suspected cases of child neglect.

The report found that:

  • 51% of social workers felt unable to intervene to protect children from neglect which was up from a third compared with 2009.
  • 42% of social workers believed the point at which they could step in in cases of neglect was too high.
  • 52% believed they lacked the resources to prevent child neglect.
  • 43% felt there was a lack of services to refer families on to.

Action for Children said its findings painted a worrying picture of neglected children in the UK and estimated that up to 10% of all children in the UK have experienced neglect.