Report about childrens attitude to pornography

A report from the NSPCC has found that many young people believe online pornography influences how they and their peers behave in a relationship. The study highlights how children’s perceptions of relations are being distorted by what they are seeing online.

Claire Lilley, policy advisor at NSPCC, is quoted in The Telegraph as saying: “It’s natural for children to become curious about puberty and sex. If they are not learning what they need to at school or at home they will turn elsewhere, including to porn. What pornography teaches boys is that girls are for sexual gratification, whilst girls feel they have to look and perform like ‘porn stars’ to be liked and valued by boys. This makes children vulnerable to being forced or pressured into behaving sexually.”

The Daily Telegraph is campaigning for better sex education in schools, which is up to date with the digital age, with their newly launched Wonder Women campaign.