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Mother calls for action on cyberbullying

The mother of a  teenager who took his own life, after being bullied online, has written an open letter published in the Worcester News calling on people to do more to help anyone being bullied and prevent the further tragic loss of life.

Mrs Alexander begins the letter by saying

“I write this letter not for sympathy, but because there are so many more children like Felix who are struggling. His confidence and self-esteem had been eroded over a long period of time by the bullying behaviour he experienced in secondary education.”

And goes on to make an impassioned plea

“I am appealing to children to be kind always and never stand by and leave bullying unreported, I appeal to teachers to look out for signs that children are struggling ….. Finally I appeal to parents. Please take an interest in what your children do online”

This emotive letter highlights the need for greater awareness of bullying and eSafety in schools and the importance of education for young people and parents too.


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