Labour calls for lessons to be learned

Labour party leader, Ed Milliband, has today called for a wide-reaching inquiry covering the BBC, the NHS and Broadmore secure hospital following recent allegations about an ex-presenter of BBC Television Children’s programmes including Jim’ll Fix It and Top Of The Pops.

Deputy Labour party leader, Harriet Harman has said that lessons must be learned from a truely independent probe following reports that the BBC and the Department of Health were to carry out their own internal investigations into child protection matters. The police are already investigating the allegations. Scotland Yard has announced that it is co-ordinating the investigation into the alleged offences and is now following up 340 lines of enquiry.

The two investigations announced by the BBC are: one to look into why a BBC Newsnight programme uncovering the alleged behaviour was not aired; and one to look into the culture and practices of the BBC during the 1970s.

Ed Milliband says it is important for those affected by the allegations to know that an independent inquiry was being carried out instead of each organisation looking into itself.

Strict rules apply to the care of children working in theatres, films and on television and also to children and vulnerable adults in care or hospitals.