How bullying can lead to self harm

A survey of nearly 4000 young people who have self-harmed has been conducted to look into why children and young people self-harm.

The online poll, carried out by, ChildLine, Youth Net and Young Minds has found being bullied is the main reason youngsters give for first injuring themselves.

The BBC report on the experiences of one girl:

Sixteen-year-old Chloe can relate to the findings. After years of being bullied, she started self-harming when she was 14.

“You just get to a point where you need to do something about it, and its just a way of venting your frustration. I was thinking, ‘If you can hurt me on the inside, why can’t I hurt myself on the outside?’

“It was replacing emotional pain with physical pain.”

Chloe was self-harming for about 18 months, up to seven days a week.

“Pretty much whenever I had a really bad day at school, which was most days, I’d think I need to vent my frustrations.

“I’d come home, go straight to my room and I’d just stay in my room all night, I wouldn’t want to associate with people.”

Chloe is now receiving help from the charity Harmless.