Changes proposed to Family Law system

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has endorsed proposals within a recent report which included bringing specialist family judges into one system and emphasising strong judicial leadership and management and, hopefully, allowing a reduction in delaying cases.

Lord Judge compared some of the changes for judges to that of a traditional referee who would wait for players to come on to the pitch with a more modern referee who would go into the changing room and speak to players before a match, thereby identifying those who may have a tendancy to go offside.

The report was written in response to the Family Justice Review which would see the biggest changes to the family justice system since the Children Act 1989.

Another proposal would be to create a single family court instead of hearing cases in magistrates, county and specialist courts. The high court would still remain a separate entity.

The report highlists the importance of getting children to understand the court processe and, by engaging with them in such a way as to ascertain their wishes/feelings.