Child Abuse Myth or Fact ?

Can you tell the difference between a child protection myth or fact?  On occasion, personal prejudices and assumptions may cloud our judgements and we may not always see and hear things in a child-centred manner. Thinking about your own attitudes to child abuse, consider whether the following statements are always true.

  •  Homosexual men are more likely to sexually abuse than heterosexual men.
  • Children in single parent families are more likely to be neglected
  •  Abuse very rarely happens in respectable families.
  •  Children of same sex parents are likely to be subjected to sexual abuse
  • Abuse doesn’t affect a child with learning disabilities as much as it does a non disabled child.

Do you agree or disagree with these statements? or are you not sure?

To find out the correct answer look out for our next blog post.

The above questions form part of the Maintaining a Child Focus module within our Further Child Protection and Child Protection for Childminders training courses.