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eSafety Training

How Parents can cope with home schooling, technology and online meeting rooms.

As a parent, do you know how safe your child is online? On March 27, the Department for Education issued additional safeguarding guidance, Coronavirus (COVID-19): safeguarding in schools, colleges and other providers, as safeguarding children is more important than ever during this difficult period.  The guidance states: “With regard to safeguarding, the best interests of…

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What is Digital Resilience?

Digital resilience is the ability of young people to develop a critical mind-set when accessing digital information to reduce their vulnerability to potentially harmful information.   Information on the internet and social media platforms can often be presented in a very persuasive, yet misleading, manner. Digital resilience skills help young people to navigate the information,…

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Online-safety training for Parents

As part of our package of training courses for schools and the education sector, we offer a course specifically written for parents.  As e-safety is the responsibility of the whole school community  it is important that parents and carers are knowledgeable so that they can continue the e-safety messages at home.  Parents often feel that their children…

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Updated e-Safety and Social Media Training Course

Our popular training course combining online-safety and the safe use of social media in education had just been updated to include all the latest advice and guidance. The course includes modules on: An introduction to e-Safety risks Educating and empowering children to minimise risks Issues related to anti-radicalisation and extremism in the online world The issues…

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Online Safeguarding Training for Schools

What makes online training the perfect choice for schools?   Online courses can be taken at a time that suits staff and the school timetable Online course notes are available for the duration of the certification All your staff receive the same rigour of training Training is simple to monitor and can be easily evidenced…

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Why choose the Safeguarding in Education course?

The Safeguarding in Education course not only gives staff working in educational settings a detailed introduction to safeguarding topics in line with the new Ofsted requirements, but it also covers the new Prevent duty and online safety.   Taking between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete, the course offers you an easy to use yet…

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Still not fulfilled your Prevent duty?

You know how important it is to instil a culture of vigilance within your school. However, you’ll also probably be aware of how tricky it can be to find high-quality training that fits around your busy schedule. Not to mention Ofsted’s recent changes to safeguarding, the Prevent duty, new staff starting… We have the solution.…

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Ofsted and Safeguarding 2015 – Part Two

safeguarding blog part two

In the second part of our short series on Ofsted and safeguarding, we look at what the adults working in schools need to know.  Don’t worry if your missed Part 1, as you can access it here. What do adults working in a school or education setting need to know about safeguarding? Safeguarding policies should…

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Engaging parents with e-safety

engage parents e safety

Have you considered how you can help engage parents with e-safety? With the majority of online access going on at home, it’s really important that parents as well as teachers are able to promote the safe use of the internet. Traditionally, schools have often run an after-school session where an external trainer discusses e-safety issues. …

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